This is it. If you want to see complex theories in action, learning for the future taking place right now, rich, inspiring places and spaces and the real-life, hard work of collaboration that is paying off for children and their community, go to Opal. We are always re-inspired to do the work that we do with renewed insight and clarity, purpose and passion.  - Drs. Louise Cadwell & Ena Shelley 

Opal School strengthens public education by provoking fresh ideas concerning environments where creativity, curiosity, and the wonder of learning thrive. In addition to Opal School’s workshops, summer symposia, online offerings, publications, and videos, the Portland Children’s Museum Center for Learning is pleased to provide customized offerings to meet the needs of your school or program.

We provide the following options, alone or in combination.  We work closely with organizations to tailor each to identified interests.   

Opal School Study Tours combine observation of Opal School classes in session, facilitated conversations, presentations, materials workshops, examination of related research, and action planning.  Study Tours are as brief as one day and have been as long as five.

Opal School Offsite brings staff to your site. There, we might deliver formal presentations, guide professional development workshops, and/or visit your school and consult with your team.

Opal School Online connects us to your organization through multimedia platforms.  We’ve hosted ongoing study groups, involving readings, videos, presentations, and interactive video chats and message boards.

Organizations we’ve worked with recently include:

Barbara Vick Early Childhood Center & Vick Village (Chicago)
Bromley School (Christchurch, NZ)
Burnaby, Delta, and Richmond School Districts (BC)
Discovery Charter School (San Jose, CA)
Fullerton School District (Fullerton, CA)
Lesley University (Cambridge, MA)
NYC Encounters with Reggio Emilia
Ochoa Community Magnet School (Tucson, AZ)
Woodlawn School (Portland, OR)
Washington West Supervisory Union (Vermont)

Opal is the catalyst for our new journey.  - Marilee Cosgrove, Fullerton School District

Contact us at to discuss pricing and our capacity to address your agency’s needs.