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Single Day Camps are available for children age 6–8 years throughout the school year. Each day has a specific focus to guide the art explorations and activities in addition to lots of time in the Museum exhibits. 

Ages 6-8 | Cost: $95. Members will receive a 15% discount at time of checkout.

Portland Children’s Museum welcomes campers of all levels of ability. If you need specific accommodations to attend camp, please contact us.

Please read our Museum camp policy and general outline of the day here.

2019 Single Day Camps

  • October 11: Art Lab
    • Art Lab mixes a variety of materials and techniques to experiment with creativity! Campers will draw, collage, and combine media while exploring their imagination.
  • November 1: Wearable Wonders
    • Wearable Wonders is a day of designing and creating art you can wear. Campers will experiment with beading, pendant making, and mixing media to construct all kinds of art pieces to wear home!
  • November 11: Invention Studio
    • Invention Studio explores different ways to engineer and make with natural materials, recycled materials, and more. Campers will create new inventions and make discoveries!
  • November 25: Paint Party
    • Paint Party is a day of messy creativity as we experiment how to create with paint. Campers will investigate mixing colors, making prints, and using different tools to paint.
  • November 26: Art Safari
    • Art Safari adventures into the wild side of arts! Campers will learn about various animals and use their findings to inspire artwork.