Story Workshop Teach pack


The result of 8 years of research into the question: What is the connection between literacy and the arts? This full-color work text and 90-minute DVD present experiences of Opal School teacher researchers and children ages 3 - 11 years. This powerful professional development kit provides a window into the fascinating relationships between adults, children, stories, materials and language and literacy development, and supports educators to begin adapting Story Workshop in their own settings. The work text guides the viewer through a series of reflection protocols that can be used by individuals or teams of colleagues.

The DVD includes a variety of video footage featuring teachers and children at work together in Opal School classrooms. It provides structural support for organizing story workshop in preschool - second grade classrooms as well as contextual support for understanding the theoretical foundations for Story Workshop and windows into children's powerful language and writing development over time.

DVD contents:

Video 1: Introductions
Chapter 1: What is playful literacy? 
Chapter 2: The elements of playful literacy 
Chapter 3: What is story workshop? 
Chapter 4: Defining story workshop

Video 2: The Geography of Story Workshop
Chapter 1: The Terrain to Explore 
Chapter 2: A Map to Navigate the Terrain

Video 3: Individual Student Work: From Play to Final Drafts
Chapter 1: Alijah and Ruby: preschool 
Chapter 2: Sophia: kindergarten 
Chapter 3: Micah: first grade 
Chapter 4: Wrigley: third grade 
Chapter 5: Sophie and Davis: fourth and fifth grade

Video 4: The Power of Playful Literacy

Praise for The Geography of Story Workshop:

"I am awe struck! What beautiful, clear, layered, focused, organized yet spontaneous views you have provided into daily life at Opal School during Story Workshop. It will be so helpful for people to understand more about how it works, why you do it, and how rich it is."
Louise Boyd Cadwell 
Author of Bringing Reggio Emilia Home
"What a great resource for teachers to think more about provocations and the relationships between children and materials. Here children see themselves as a community of learners and they also see themselves as storytellers and as authors. A beautiful music score and fabulous images."
Sabrina Ball
Director, Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool, Scottsdale, AZ
"Thank you for capturing this process and making this kit! The images were powerful. Excellent -- a great way to encourage creativity and literacy in the classroom, authentically."
Ellie Justice
Director, The Helen Gordon Child Development Center
Professor, Portland State University, Portland, OR