Opal Do's and Don'ts


Written and Illustrated by the Opal Museum School Early Kindergarten, Spring 2013

This year in the Opal School early kindergarten class (4-6 years old) we have been busy taking care of things.

At Opal School we start each year open to possibility, looking for the children's excitement and energy and for what will emerge with this particular community of children. In the fall, a ladybug was found outside. She was held and then, with multiple hands reaching out for her, dropped. A collective gasp went out. The children found the ladybug again and something shifted. "I want to hold it" became "What does the ladybug need?" As the children began to put the ladybug's needs ahead of their own, the most incredible gentle hands and voices emerged. It was as if the world slowed down. 

This book displays the Do's and Don'ts that the children thought were important for caring for something.


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