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Experiences and activities are designed to shine the light of playful learning in an otherwise stressful world. 

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Play, Learn & Grow Together: Parenting resources help to empower families and amplify children’s insightful voices. Embrace the challenges of distance learning and "new normal"—head-on and hands-on—in the following areas: 

  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Language & Storytelling
  • Nature & Environment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Inventiveness & Problem-Solving

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Issue #1: Colors of the Rainbow Hunt
Issue #2: Earth Day Nature Journals
Issue #3: Exhale FUN with Free-Floating Orb Machines

Issue #4: The Art of Shaving Cream
Issue #5: Celebrating with PRIDE
Issue #6: How to Build a Nest

Issue #7: Explorations of Freedom
Issue #8: National Recreation Month
Issue #9: Mandela Day + World Listening Day

Issue #10: Make Waves with Water Play!
Issue #11: The ABCs of Loose Parts 
Issue #12: Hope & Resilience @Home 

Issue #13: Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
Issue #14: The Colors of Collaboration
Issue #15: Fostering Independence

Issue #16: Listening to Children
Issue #17: Setting the Table for Gratitude

Issue #18: Care in The Time of Corona 

Issue #19: Light & Shadow 

Combine basic art supplies with repurposed everyday materials found in your home, yard, or imagination! Suggested activities for children and their adults are guided by our Reggio Emilia-inspired learning approach called Playful Inquiry

Colors of the Rainbow: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
Downloadable Nature Journal: Artist Hannah Viano
Make a Floating Orb Machine: The Physics of Fun!

The Art of Shaving (Cream): Shaving Cream Painting
Make a Peaceful Protest Poster: Share Your Voice
Venture on a Sound Walk: Let Your Ears be Your Guide

Spray Bottles & Arctic Sensory Bins: Make a Splash
An Alphabet of Loose Parts: Gather, Tinker & Tell Stories
Artful Affirmations: Hope & Resilience for Home

What Else Could it Be? Embrace an Open Mindset
Culture of Collaboration: Home Collaboration Zones

Opportunities for Independence: Autonomy @Home

Community Camera Walk: A Child's Lens 

Collecting & Reflecting: Sharing Appreciation  
Games & Rituals: Stay Grounded in Gratitude

Practicing Self-Care: Explore Ways to Care for Yourself 
Light & Shadow Land: Engage in Light & Shadow Play 

While nesting @Home, explore these recommended reads for early learners:

PRIDE Month: A Reading Rainbow
Books on Nesting: Stories to Cozy Up With
Explorations of Freedom: Tales of Independence 

Ride the Reading Rapids: Books on Water
Stories on Stories: Nurture the Narrative
Resilience Reads: Stories for Stressful Times

Read to Reimagine: Perspective-Changing Page Turners
Picture Books on Partnerships: Titles about Teamwork
"Be Heard" Booklist: Books that Bind Us

Supportive & Resilient Reads: Inspiring Caregivers
Stories Inspired by Light & Shadow: Surprising Reads