We hear it all the time: adults who visit the Museum with children want to come back with just their friends! Well, now you have a chance to be a part of the excitement. 

Join us at Grown-ups’ Night Out, where revelers play the way their parents never allowed.

Play with Your Food

Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018  •  7–10 p.m.

  • Marshmallow Wars - Marshmallows are fun to eat, but even better to launch at your friends! It’s you vs. them in this no holds barred food fight in our Twilight Trail exhibit. Hide behind trees or duck inside the tent to catch ‘em off guard. Just don’t put an eye out!
  • Ceramic Dinnerware Glazing - Ever come to the Museum and wish your child would sit still long enough for you to glaze a ceramic piece? Well, now no one will be tugging on your arm to leave. Savor a drink as you glaze dinner or drinkware, and return in a couple of weeks to retrieve your masterpiece.
  • Candy Gambling - A delightful mash-up of two favorite vices: candy and cards. With $1,000 in credit for each guest, test your luck at the Museum casino tables, and trade in your chips for candy.
  • Veggie Race Cars - This game is guaranteed to appeal to soapbox derby enthusiasts and the child in us all! Soup up your aerodynamic fruit or veggie with wheels and bling, and set it to race full speed down our ramp. Perhaps you'll become our Rookie of the Year!
  • Condiment Art - Ever get chastised as a child for painting on walls, using Sharpie on a table, or doodling on an important document? Channel any unresolved frustration by squeezing ketchup and mustard onto enormous canvases, collaborating with your friends on one-of-a-kind pieces of condiment art.
  • Social Good: We can’t, in good conscience, play with our food without recognizing the important issues of hunger and food waste. Talk with our friends at Urban Gleaners and Imperfect Produce about the vital work they do to combat these societal problems, and learn where our leftover Grown-ups’ Night Out party food will go.
  • Live Music: Local Portland rock 'n' roll quartet, Creature Party serve up original new wave rock tunes with a side of wholesome punk. With Lily Bry on vocals and guitar, Alex Kudroff on vocals and percussion, TS McCormick on bass and vocals, and Camden McKone on drums, Creature Party is sure to make you move your feet! Their album Best Regards is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and most other streaming platforms.

Food available for purchase from Thrive Sauce & Bowls.
We provide dessert before dinner.

$25 regular admission. Includes 1 drink (members receive 15% off!)
$18 designated driver admission (members receive 15% off!)
$15 student admission (not eligible for member discount)

21+ only 



Climb on the Furniture

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019  •  7–10 p.m.

  • Indoor Obstacle Course
  • Fort Construction
  • Oversized Furniture Climb
  • Paint on the Walls
  • Jump on the Bed