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Sometimes children need a break from all the excitement. That's why you'll find opportunities for quieter exploration and reflection throughout the Museum.

While we have designed the Museum to be welcoming to children of all ages, some exhibits may be particularly gratifying for specific age groups.

Giving your child the time to explore something deeply—to care a lot about what they're doing—helps them develop focus and self-control, building blocks for other forms of learning.

We all learn best when we want to learn. By giving children the opportunity to follow their interests, we help them keep the flame of discovery burning bright—now and for years to come.

Trying something that feels difficult or scary, sticking with something after complications arise, taking reasonable risks and rolling with failure: these soft skills give us the resilience to achieve our goals and live satisfying lives.

Critical thinking is the ability to discern not just what happened but how it happened and why it is significant. It is a pillar of scientific inquiry and an essential to navigating a complex world.

As children sort objects, spot familiar people and things in pictures, and identify patterns, they hone their ability to make connections, an essential building block for every academic subject, including math.

The ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes is a unique, human skill that builds strong relationships and reduces conflict.

Good communication skills emerge from children's ability to think about their own thoughts, to understand their own needs and desires, and to express themselves clearly and with precision.