February 9–May 6, 2018

Delight in the beauty, sights, and sounds of Vietnam in our newest original interactive exhibition. Immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture and traditions as you try on a giant lion dance mask, pose for an interactive family photo, and create a fireworks display.   

Voyage to Vietnam: Celebrating the Tết Festival showcases traditions, customs and values exemplified by the annual celebration of Tết. Through interactive exhibits, families will immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture, gain appreciation for traditions, values and daily experiences of people who live in Vietnam, and discover similarities and differences between their lives in the U.S. and the lives of children in Vietnam.  

Visitors will be welcomed into the exhibit through the New Year gateway, and transported to the Tết Festival in modern day Vietnam. The immersive Marketplace experience is the perfect place to select traditional flowers and faux food items to prepare for the celebration.  Back in the Home section of the exhibit, families can pose for interactive family photos, dressing up in customary Ao Dai.  can try on a giant Lion Dance Mask and engage with the parades, games, and music that allow families to share the festivities with others.  It is perpetually midnight in the Courtyard area of the exhibit where the visitor-created Fireworks burst in the night sky and signal the coming of the New Year.  

Voyage to Vietnam: Celebrating the Tết Festival was created by Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, and is part of the Freeman Foundation Asian Culture Exhibit Series, funded by The Freeman Foundation and administered by Association of Children’s Museums.