Play Areas

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Find your seat to relax or enjoy an outdoor performance, both under the sun and while counting the stars.

Dig in the dirt, build your own fort, and set your imagination free in this camp circle under the towering trees.

Control the flow of this stream with waterspouts, rocks, and a working dam—the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

Grab a shovel or an earthmover, and see what you dig up.

The Field Station is both the gateway to the Outdoor Adventure and a destination in its own right.

Create your own path through a mix of evergreens and colorful oaks and maples.

Select a bench, or spread a blanket and lie on your back to see pictures in the clouds. Relax in this field of sun and shade to see nature up close.

Enjoy a snack together with your family, or allow your children to roam freely while keeping them in sight from this expansive vantage point.

Pick this place for picnicking, outdoor birthday parties, family celebrations, classes and camps—all under the shade of a green roof!

The Spring incorporates all of the Outdoor Adventure’s core elements in a smaller, enclosed space.

Follow the leader on this ADA accessible, zigzag path up and down the hill for exercise and adventure!