Open 10 a.m-4 p.m. every day

About our studio:

The Clay Studio is a completely self-guided space, giving visitors of all ages a unique, creative, sensory experience. There is no charge to play with the clay, but if you choose to have your masterpiece fired, there is a small fee based on weight, starting at $4. If you would like to take home a piece while it is still wet, it will cost between $3 and $5 depending on size. We also have 10 lb. bags of recycled clay for sale if you would like to continue clay exploration at home.

About our clay:

We use low fire clay in the studio, intended for artists of any age. It is non-toxic (and gluten free) and washable. While the clay will dry in air, it becomes more brittle and crumbly; with water it will dissolve and become soft again. In order to preserve the project that you make, it is best to fire it. Firing is when we use a kiln (a special type of oven) to cook the clay to nearly 1900⁰F (this can vary depending on the type of clay). Projects cannot be cooked in a home oven, so let us do the firing for you!

Need some inspiration? We have lots of projects made by other artists around the studio! Just take a look around!

Pottery Glazing

After a piece is fired, it’s time to glaze it! Glazing involves applying a special kind of paint to a fired ceramic piece. The “paints” are clay glazes that need to be fired in a kiln. After they are fired, the glazes change color and are darker, brighter, and very shiny. Now your masterpiece is food safe and waterproof too.

Don’t have a piece of your own to glaze? We also sell pre-made assorted bisque pieces to glaze, similar to a paint-your-own pottery studio. Prices start at $3 for pre-made pieces. Price includes piece, glazing and firing. If you are glazing your own creation, the cost to glaze will be the same cost as it was to fire. Glazed pieces are available for pick up one week after creation. Glazing is only available during workshop times.

Pottery Glazing: Mondays,Thursdays,& Fridays 10 a.m.–noon; Saturdays & Sundays 2–4 p.m.

Admission required to participate in the glazing workshop.

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