October 12–December 31, 2017

In this feature exhibit, Circus Zirkus, children and families can experience the thrills of the circus through silly costumes, playful props, and exciting stunts. This vibrant and playful exhibit will encourage children to test new abilities, practice physical skills, and build self-confidence.

Circus Zirkus is staged into two main areas, the front of house performance area and backstage practice area. Here's a sampling of what you'll see:

Three Ring Performance Stage Get on the mega phone and announce the upcoming performance. Dazzle the audience with great strength with the barbell or nimble balance with the suspended ladder.

Concessions No circus is complete with a concessions area. Children can hawk hot dogs and ice cream to friends and family.

Backstage Manage the production of the show through lights and sounds. Practice on the trapeze, spin inside a giant hoop, and cartwheel on the mats before stepping on the stage.

Props Outfit yourself in extra large clown pants, spin plates, or practice juggling with scarves.

These are just some of the highlights that make Circus Zirkus a must-see experience for all ages, and fun for the whole family.