Creating Possible Worlds: The Teacher’s Role in Nurturing a Community Where Creativity Thrives

$11.99 - 14.99

Opal School’s first eBook!

This eBook documents a project facilitated by Opal Beginning School teachers Lauren Adams and Caroline Wolfe with children ages 3 - 5 years, which they presented at the Opal School Symposium in 2013. Lauren and Caroline inspire us to wonder together: How does the world of imagination and storytelling support the world of science and reason? How might the languages of the arts support children to make sense of their relationship with one another and together negotiate meaning of the world around them? What might be possible if adults worked with children to bring their ideas to life? What might be possible for us all? The volume is rich with images, children’s words, reflections and questions to support teacher practice and discussion.

All proceeds benefit the documentation and dissemination efforts of the Museum Center for Learning as Opal School expands its learning community to include classrooms serving children experiencing poverty and disabilities.

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