Celebrate the Great Outdoors with a technicolor outdoor scavenger hunt. Follow these simple steps to discover your favorite shades outdoors...in the sun or shade! 

1. Pick a Palette: Ask your child to select 4–6 of their favorite crayons. Broken crayon pieces also work well! Or, visit local company Miller Paint online. Your family can click on a color family and print paint chips. You may recognize their colors from our exhibits!

2. Take a Walk: Ask your child to guide you on a stroll through nature (following physical distance guidelines).

3. Discover: Search for the colors of the rainbow in wildflowers, bark, clover patches, blades of grass, etc.

4. Share Observations: How do various colors make you feel? What would you name a particular shade?

5. Photograph Your Finds: Hold your crayon or paint chip up to nature's matching hues for a photo op!

Post your Colors of the Rainbow Hunt matches on Instagram, tag @portlandchildrensmuseum, and use #PDXcmAtHome.