Stephanie Tolk

In 2003, Stephanie co-founded a nonprofit organization called The Pangaea Project, which helped youth from low-income families become changemakers through an intensive program facilitated in the US and abroad. Having served as Co-Executive Director at The Pangaea Project and, more recently, as Director of Development and Communications at Northwest Outward Bound School, Stephanie has developed extensive experience visioning, planning, and raising funds for organizations that change lives. She holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MSW from Portland State University and has gained some of her most profound teachings from her years in the Peace Corps in Mali and her travels to over 45 countries.

As a mother to two young girls, Stephanie spends a lot of time developing craft projects, picking up puzzle pieces, composting broccoli, playing in parks and meadows, and scheming up ways to get her daughters out of the country.