Cycle City: A Spin on Bikes


Cycle City: A Spin on Bikes will be featured at Portland Children’s Museum from January 31 – April 27, 2014. The first in a new series of in-house exhibits, Cycle City will uniquely reflect Portland through an exploration of the creative potential of bikes beyond transportation. Visitors will be invited to look at bicycles in surprising new ways as they make their way through interactive exhibit components, including:

  • The Bike Shop: A variety of interchangeable PVC and wood parts and accessories to create an original bikes.
  • Splashguard: Hand- and foot-driven spin art stations made out of bike parts will be grouped at varying heights.
  • Crisscross: A progressing group art project using multiple visitors. Using hand pedals, one guest will control of the Y axis, while another will control the X axis.
  • Bike PDX: Visitors can pedal along with first-person guided videos of local rides and answer prompts along the way.
  • Pedal Power: Visitor-powered stations will contribute power to the tower and once the tower reaches its limit, energy will be expelled through lights, sounds, Jacobs’s ladders, machinery, and more until the tower returns to zero power and needs to be recharged.


Other exhibit components include Tire Tracks (a bicycle music box), Light Rider (shadow play), and a cycle-powered Gravitram sculpture. Cycle City will also feature bike sculptures and automations along with bike-based artwork from local artists throughout the run of the show. Portland is home to an especially large number of independent bike designers. The Museum’s Opal School third grade class thought it would be a great idea to find a way to get some of the voices of those designers into our new Cycle City exhibit, so they hit the road to visit a few of them where they work and play! Check out their interview>>


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“It felt like coming into our garage, only a lot more fun! We’re having a great time and I can’t get the kids off the trainer bikes.”  -Cycle City Visitor


Cycle City: A Spin on Bikes is on view from January 31, 2014 through April 27, 2014 in Purple Turtle Hall; click here for tickets.