Portland Children’s Museum is the museum that doesn’t act like a museum. You won’t find any velvet ropes inside, and playing with and touching our exhibits is strongly encouraged. Our main exhibit is the imagination of the children who play here. Our permanent and traveling exhibits are designed and developed to encourage problem solving, imagination, and the wonder of learning. With every visit, your child will walk away with a unique experience that celebrates their creativity. Come explore our exhibits and find out which one is your child’s favorite!



Portland Children’s Museum opened its newest permanent exhibit, Outdoor Adventure, on April 22. This exciting expansion takes the Museum experience you know and love outside, rain or shine. Outdoor Adventure transformed more than 1.3 acres of previously inaccessible land around the Museum into an intentional, education-based, ADA-accessible outdoor play space. Entrance to Outdoor Adventure is included with every admission and membership, so come play outside with us! Learn more about Outdoor Adventure >>



Building Bridgetown

Grab a tool belt and hard hat to join the crew! Kids get to do their own “home improvement”

The Clay Studio

Who knew playing and creating with clay could develop fine motor skills?

Zany Maze

A labyrinth of hedges tall enough for kids to feel hidden (but short enough for adults to see them)

The Garage

Join us in our recycled arts studio for earth-friendly construction projects

Grasshopper Grocery & Butterfly Bistro

Load up kids-sized carts and head for the checkout stand.  Make a healthy lunch at the bistro


Pet Hospital

Children care for “pets” in a kid-sized clinic with checkups and walks in the Bark Park

Play It Again Theater

All the world’s a stage and at Play It Again Theater children can all be the players

Treehouse Adventure

Children find a cozy spot to read, listen to stories, and make up their own adventures


Twilight Trail

Just dark enough to make kids feel brave, children play with light and shadows

Vroom Room

Children climb behind the wheel of a speeding ambulance, drive the city bus, or race toy cars and trains

Water Works

Explore a serious lesson in cause and effect while splashing, pouring, and spraying