Birthday Party Ideas

Sometimes we get asked how other guests have structured their birthday parties. We put together a brief guide with ideas to help you make the make the most of your birthday party. If you need more help, call us at 503-471-9911 and we’ll be happy to help you brainstorm.

Basic Blast
Plates and flatware will be in the room and stacked on the counter. Many hosts start by enjoying cake, food, ice cream, and then move on to opening presents and exploring the Museum. Some prefer to play in the Museum first and then meet in the room at the party time. Do what works for you!

Crafty Kids
Craft materials are laid out on the child-size party room tables prior to the party. Guests have the first 30 minutes to enjoy the craft project and the Party Pal will assist in the transition from craft clean-up to food service by wiping down and setting the table with plates and flatware.

For All Parties
The Party Pal will inform the host of time remaining at 15 and five minutes before the end of the scheduled party time, assist in providing a large rolling bin and begin packing the host family’s materials. Please plan to vacate your party room at the end of your scheduled time to avoid incurring additional fees (which will be due before you leave).


"Less" can actually mean "more"
The Museum is big – you don’t have to see it all in one day or rush through. In fact, the more time your child spends in an exhibit the more engaged he can become in the activities, which can lead to increased learning.

Follow your child’s lead.
Children often surprise us with their interests. Observe your child. What types of activities does your child enjoy most? What activities keep your child’s attention the longest? These observations help you to understand and appreciate your child more.

“Read it again, mom/dad!” Repetition, repetition, repetition.
Young children can also exasperate us with their singular fascinations, but those are an important part of child development as children learn through repetition.

We have more tips and tricks for your visit to the Museum in our Museum FAQ Page. And of course, you can always ask one of our friendly staff members for help anytime during your visit.


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