After Hours Party Rental

After Hours Party Pricing
The base cost is $650 if you are a Member or $750 for non-members. This includes:
  • Two Hours private use of the Museum (from 5:30pm-7:30pm)
  • Admission of up to 50 guests, 25 of which can be children
  • Full-sized fridge and freezer
  • Use of all Cafe seating
  • The additional option of three round 5 foot tables (large sized), which we will set up by request the day of the party
Full payment must be taken to hold your reservation.
Please call our scheduler at 503-471-9911 to book your party!
Cancellation and Schedule Change Policy:
  • Payment is fully refundable if the party is cancelled 14 days before the party.
  • Parties cancelled between 13 days and 24 hours before the scheduled party will incur a $50 cancellation fee.
  • Hosts who do not call 24 hours prior to the party to cancel, or do not show up for their party, will forfeit their full payment.
  • One schedule change is allowed after to the original booking. All subsequent changes will result in a $20 administrative fee per each change.

After Hours Party FAQ’s

Can we have more than 50 guests?
Additional guests are welcome with prior arrangement. Notification of guests over and above the 50 covered by the original package must be confirmed with Scheduler at least two weeks before your party. There will be a surcharge for such guests. Please note that we require 1 adult for every 5 children attending.
Can we add the Clay Studio or the Garage to our party?
Yes! Pricing starts at $200 per open studio.  Please ask our scheduler for more information if you are interested in adding these fun studios to your party experience.
When can the host set up the party room?
Hosts can arrive at 5:15pm to set up. When arriving, please check in at the Box Office and they will answer any questions you may have.
How do my guests check in?
As guests arrive, they can state the birthday child’s name and they will be directed to the party. Guests may arrive at your party no earlier than 5:30pm.
What about parking?
Paid parking is available in Washington Park. The rates are $1.60/hour; $4.00 All Day (October-March); $6.40 All Day (April-September). Parking can be paid at any pay station throughout Washington Park. There are also pay stations in front of each venue that take payment. Paid parking is enforced every day between the hours of 9:30am-9:30pm, year round. For more information about paid parking visit Consider using Tri-Met as there is a MAX station here in Washington Park, or to carpool. The Museum is not responsible for parking availability.
Can we delay our party arrival or departure?
No. Parties which fail to vacate the Museum by 7:30pm are subject to additional charges.
How do I know if my party has incurred additional charges for additional guests?
Please call our Scheduler the following weekday at 503-471-9911 to ensure that there are no additional fees or credits due. Please note that any unpaid fees or credits due will be billed to you.

What about balloons?

Yes! Balloons are welcome, but as they are a choking hazard to our smaller visitors, balloons are not allowed on the Museum floor. You can leave your balloons at the Box Office while you explore the Museum. Helium tanks are not allowed in the Museum.

Can we bring a piñata, streamers, or confetti?
No. These items are choking hazards and for the safety of all visitors the Museum does not allow them.
Can we bring a clown, magician, or some other kind of entertainment?
The Museum welcomes the use of any performer you contract for your afterhours party. The Museum cannot provide any special set up or accommodations without advance planning. This set up will result in additional rental fees to be incurred by the host. We strongly recommend that you do reference and background checks as the Museum assumes no liability for third party performers behavior. Additionally, the renter or host will assume responsibility for any damage to the Museum incurred by any outside performer in conjunction with an afterhours party. If you are looking to secure a performer the Museum currently or has worked with in the past, don’t hesitate to ask our scheduler!
Is there a refrigerator/freezer for cake/ice cream and other refreshments?
Yes! Party hosts have access to one from 5:15pm until 7:30pm. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Museum Exhibits or Studios. Consumption is restricted to the area designated for eating.
Do I need to clean up afterwards?
Please take away or throw away any leftover refreshments and decorations. There are trash cans available for paper goods/wrapping paper. Our staff will gladly wipe tables, sweep the room and remove trash bags when your party is finished.
How do people typically run their party?
Many hosts start by enjoying cake, food, ice cream, and then move on to opening presents and then explore the Museum floor.
Can I bring an alcoholic beverage?
Yes, but certain regulations that must be followed. If you will be serving alcohol at your party, we require that you:
  • Have proof of the required Certificate of Insurance and provide a copy to Portland Children’s Museum at least two days before your party. (Coverage for Liquor Liability Insurance may be obtained through your own insurance provider or from the licensed caterer.)
  • Have an appropriate Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) license or a permit before selling alcohol.
  • Use licensed OLCC servers, following all OLCC rules and guidelines, to dispense alcohol at your party.
  • Do not have self-service alcohol available. This includes wine and bottled, canned or keg beer.
  • We require that you terminate alcohol service thirty minutes before your party ends and that you designate one or more adults to remain alcohol-free to oversee the party and clean-up process.
  • Most parties use a catering service for any alcohol service. Caterers usually have OLCC licensed servers and normally carry their own liquor liability insurance.
How long can my guests play in the Museum?
Guests of your party can play from 5:30pm-7:30pm.
Have a question that isn’t listed here? Please call us at 503-471-9911!


"Less" can actually mean "more"
The Museum is big – you don’t have to see it all in one day or rush through. In fact, the more time your child spends in an exhibit the more engaged he can become in the activities, which can lead to increased learning.

Follow your child’s lead.
Children often surprise us with their interests. Observe your child. What types of activities does your child enjoy most? What activities keep your child’s attention the longest? These observations help you to understand and appreciate your child more.

“Read it again, mom/dad!” Repetition, repetition, repetition.
Young children can also exasperate us with their singular fascinations, but those are an important part of child development as children learn through repetition.

We have more tips and tricks for your visit to the Museum in our Museum FAQ Page. And of course, you can always ask one of our friendly staff members for help anytime during your visit.


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