The Museum Artist Residencies program is designed to give children an opportunity to learn and participate in a collaborative process, creating fine art with a professional artist. Working with high quality materials broadens our perception of what children can and should use as art materials; it also provides an experience that many children don’t get at school.

The most important thing for caretakers and children to know is that they are welcome and encouraged to join the artist in studio. They are invited. To have fun, to learn, listen, ask questions, and create. But it doesn’t end there: we also want to know what they thought about their experience, and how it made them feel. And while this isn’t a take-home project, their work is ultimately presented in a gallery show highlighting the collaboration, and our respect for children’s intelligence, creativity, and ability.

Previous 2015 season

Jan. 2015-Feb. 2015: Colin Cushman

Feb.2015-April 2015: Hannah Viano

May 2015-July 2015: Jennifer Mercede

Oct. 2015–Jan. 2016: Brian and Josie Parker

Current 2015-2016 season

Jan. 2016-March 2016: Shannon Newby


For more information about Artist in Residence programs or to apply for residency please contact