Opal School Mentorship Program


October 2015 – June 2016

Opal School's Mentorship Program supports a small group of teachers seeking an in-depth experience of observation and reflection in Opal School’s preschool through fifth grade classrooms.The program allows participants to flexibly design a series of visitations to Opal classrooms in session throughout the school year. This provides an opportunity for extended exposure to inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning through the tools of the arts and sciences.The program includes registration in Center workshops, the Summer Symposium, online offerings, and an ongoing discussion platform. Registration is limited to a small number of participants.
Opal School Mentorship Program participants are eligible to receive credit at the undergraduate or graduate level through Portland State University
For more information and to apply, see the attached letter.  If you have additional questions about the Opal School Mentorship Program, contact thecenter@portlandcm.org.