Opal School Visitation Days 2017

Visitation Days is sold out for 2017.  Plenty of space still available for Reading the World in April 2017 and Opal School's Summer Symposium in June!

February 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

February 2-3, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

What does school look like when learning approaches aim to be open-ended and joyful explorations through the tools of the arts and sciences? How might playful inquiry open new doors to learning for children and the adults who work with them? What characterizes a pedagogy of play? 

Designed to immerse participants in Opal School practice, this multi-day workshop supports educators' examination and application of approaches to playful inquiry through negotiated curriculum. Visit Opal School classrooms in session to observe, analyze, and reflect on inquiry-based learning through the tools of the arts and sciences. Talk with teachers about the joys and challenges of a practice that holds a strong image of children as thinkers, planners, and contributors to the community.

Previous Visitation Days participants had this to say:

I am inspired and feel very invigorated. A beautiful synergy was fostered throughout the workshop, uniting us (a group of strangers) as one learning community. The possibilities are endless - so exciting!

To listen to the questions of both teacher and child truly showed me the deep level of inquiry on both sides.

I had a strong image of the child to begin with, but this pushed my thinking further. 

I feel extremely energized. The possibilities that were opened up to me by observing the relationship and values and questions in classrooms have really inspired me.

It was amazing to see these values, intentions, and beliefs embodied by the teachers and students in the classroom observations. I want to commit more of my practice to thinking, planning, teaching in questions. I am energized by the possibilities for students to engage with materials in ways I hadn't previously understood or considered.

Years ago, we began - and abandoned - a monograph on the aesthetic dimension of schools. We identified three dimensions: an aesthetic of the environment, of course, but also of product and process, and a third of relationship and feeling. After being here and seeing all three dimensions in full force, I think that we can return to that work. 

This has fueled my passion for encouraging educational change.

Anything I can experience that can inspire my practice and thus the experience kids can have is valuable - this just happened to also be amazing, lively, engaging, and beautiful, too!

Wow! My mind is spinning. This was the richest professional development that I have experienced.

Opal School Visitation Days qualifies as a Step Two training through Oregon Registry. 
Participants are eligible to receive credit through Portland State University at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Event sold out for 2017.  Please join us for Reading the World in April and/or Summer Symposium in June.